The Los Angeles Dodgers have been listed as one of the favorites to end up with Shohei Ohtani. Whether it happens via trade or in free agency, many people around the MLB world expect Ohtani to leave Anaheim and move to downtown Los Angeles. That said, the Los Angeles Angels have downplayed talks of potentially trading Ohtani ahead of the 2023 MLB deadline. So can the Dodgers still trade for Ohtani this season?

Ohtani is going to be a free agent following the 2023 campaign barring a contract extension. He's likely going to receive $500-$600 million dollars from whichever team pays him. Since that figure is the expected price, why can't the Dodgers just wait until the offseason and sign him in free agency.

Today, we are going to reveal why acquiring him in July prior to the deadline is crucial, and we will create the perfect Shohei Ohtani trade the Dodgers must offer the Angels.


Dodgers must try to trade for Ohtani this season

Trading for Shohei Ohtani in July, prior to the deadline, is more important than you may imagine. If the Dodgers, or any other team for that matter, don't acquire Ohtani and wait until the offseason, the two-way phenom is going to be showered with offers from teams all around the league. Almost every franchise would love nothing more than to build a ball club around him.