This season, the Golden State Warriors kicked things off in probably the worst way possible. Before playing a single minute of regular-season action, the Dubs were facing a real crisis involving two of their franchise players.

What initially started as trash talk between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole eventually led to a full-on physical altercation that saw Green make contact with his own teammate. Of course, the Warriors tried their best to handle the situation, but some believe there are still some lingering side effects.

Speaking to Malika Andrews in an exclusive interview, Warriors star Klay Thompson dropped his own perspective on the ordeal and shared his belief that the whole thing may have been blown out of proportion.

"It's unfortunate it got leaked but those guys are all brothers, Jordan and Draymond. I knew, with time, that it would heal all wounds. I know winning and just having fun cures all," Thompson said. "We're playing that brand of Warriors basketball again and once we continue to do so, I think it will just be a blip in the story."