While there haven’t been many reports of trades in recent months between the Lakers and Knicks, the two sides always made sense in theory as partners. Russell Westbrook’s enormous contract could be pretty simply broken down into multiple smaller, more long-term contracts if the Lakers desired.

So far, the reports are that the team doesn’t prefer long-term deals but those aren’t the only trades the Knicks can offer with veteran role players on the roster. It makes sense, then, that a report from Ian Begley of SNYTV on Thursday indicated the two teams have “touched base” on trades, one of which was a 3-team deal.

“One thing worth noting, the Knicks and Lakers touched base recently. One of the deals would have required a third team to complete. I’m not sure how far along they got on that deal but we know that the Lakers, in the past, have shown interest in Cam Reddish since Reddish has been traded to New York.”