Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward called Yankee Stadium a "Little League ballpark" on Sunday after Gleyber Torres hit a walk-off homer against the Rangers over the right field fence. Yankee Stadium has one of the shortest right-field porches in baseball.

On Monday, Woodward clarified his remarks.

"Probably bad words on my part," he told reporters. "I gave it a layup for a lot of people. But listen, I meant no disrespect, obviously, to this place. And it's obviously a world-class organization, ballpark. I talk about it as always being like one of my favorite places to come play, but I understand why Yankee fans will get upset about it. That's why I love them."

Torres' homer traveled 369 feet, which according to MLB Statcast would have made it a home run in 26 of the MLB's 30 ballparks.

Woodward didn't have those stats in front of him after the game when he made his remarks, however.

"Small ballpark. That's an easy out in 99 percent of ballparks," he said at the time. "Just happened to hit it in a Little League ballpark to right field."