After hours of goals, goal songs, some reviews, and Machine Gun Kelly, the Metropolitan Division beat the Central Division to win the 2022 NHL All-Star Game. Flyers veteran (and future trade deadline MVP?) Claude Giroux won the All-Star Game MVP.

Here’s a rundown of all three games.


NHL All-Star Game 1: Metro vs. Pacific

Tom Wilson continued to generate heel heat during 2022 NHL All-Star weekend by scoring the opening goal. The true highlight was Claude Giroux dancing through the notoriously lax defense to score an impressive one.

Naturally, as Giroux dangled early and often during the NHL All-Star Game, people made plenty of jokes about the Flyers veteran auditioning for a future trade.

The Metro used the Flyers’ goal song, which inspires a question: why not just rotate goal songs? Oh well.

Evgeny Kuznetsov bonding with Patrice Bergeron‘s kids may have been the best highlight of them all.

Anyway, the Metropolitan Division beat the Pacific 6-4 in the first game.

Perhaps everyone was, uh, not quite 100 percent to start the games?


NHL All-Star Game 2: Atlantic vs. Central

Some of the best sequences of the second game involved saves, not goals. During the first period, Cam Talbot made a number of impressive stops.