It has been quite some time since the Minnesota Timberwolves were a reliable franchise that was able to put together success. That is not going to happen this season as Minnesota is off to another poor start and finds itself near the bottom of the Western Conference. This could lead to some more trades this NBA season.

Malik Beasley has been involved in rumors over the last year or so. Beasley has been able to contribute offensively since coming to Minnesota but has not always been able to stay on the floor.

Beasley was limited to just 37 games a year ago because of a hamstring strain. This does not include a strange incident involving a gun that landed him some jail time back in Sept. 2020. At 25 years old, Beasley still has plenty to offer and his value could be used here.

The Timberwolves have one player who is not on the trading block at this point. Anthony Edwards played in all 72 games as a rookie and has looked like the real deal.

Despite the presence of Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell, Minnesota has been unable to find success on the floor. At some point, the front office is going to have to blow it up a bit. It could begin with a trade involving Malik Beasley.

This is a chance to put the plan into motion for the Timberwolves. When looking at potential trade partners, these three teams come to mind immediately.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have been linked to Malik Beasley in trade rumors but there has been nothing concrete locked down. While the Knicks might like the core they have put together, there is still some scoring prowess that could be added. This will become important down the stretch of the season.

New York is not penciled into the postseason after a few good weeks. This is a team that is used to falling apart and struggled last season in the playoffs. With that being said, the New York Knicks are pointed in the right direction.