The Philadelphia 76ers have yet to resolve their Ben Simmons problem. The Sixers’ front office reportedly has a very steep asking price for Simmons. Daryl Morey insists that Philadelphia should get a star-caliber player in return for the 2017 first overall pick.

However, interested teams are hesitant to budge on Philly’s price due to Simmons’ recent struggles and his lack of development over the years. Still, the 25-year-old carries significant value because of his dynamic playmaking ability and his elite defense.

The Sixers reportedly have a list of about 30 players they are willing to trade Simmons for. Philadelphia should feel comfortable in lowering its previously high asking price for the former LSU star. The reason why the Sixers should proceed with this in mind is because of the emergence of second-year point guard Tyrese Maxey.

Maxey has been quite the revelation for Philadelphia in his sophomore campaign. He essentially filled in as the starting point guard in place of Simmons. Filling in the shoes of a multiple-time All-Star and an All-Defensive stud like Simmons was a daunting task for the 21-year old, but Maxey has taken the opportunity and is running away with it.