Major League Baseball may look to implement a 14-team postseason field during this offseason's collective bargaining sessions, Ken Rosenthal reported Monday on The Athletic Baseball Show podcast. 

The league currently operates with a 10-team postseason that features six division winners and four wild card teams. According to Rosenthal, a new system could see two more playoff spots available in both the National League and American League (comments begin at 19:00):

"Going forward, what has been discussed is a 14-team playoff, seven in each league, in which some of those things I just mentioned, home-field advantage for the division champion, penalizing the Wild Card, best overall record gets the edge, that will all be taken care of." 

In 2020, as the pandemic forced the league to make significant adjustments in order to save the season, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred instituted a 16-team playoff bracket to help balance out a 60-game regular season.