Kelly Stafford apologizes to husband’s old backup for sparking controversy

Larry Brown Sports

Kelly Stafford expressed regret after recently oversharing about her and her husband’s personal life.

Kelly Stafford made headlines last week when she talked about dating Matthew’s backup quarterback when the two were still students at Georgia in the mid-2000s. Kelly admitted that she had dated the “bad boy” backup just to make Matthew jealous.

The story quickly went viral on social media and drew mixed reactions from fans. Some tried to figure out who the backup was. One name suspected of being the mystery man was Joe Cox, one of Stafford’s backups from 2006 to 2008.

On Wednesday, Kelly Stafford cleared up that Cox was not the Georgia backup she used to make Matthew jealous. She issued an apology to Cox and his family via a post on X.

“To this beautiful fam.. I am sorry for the media storm that happened last week that made its way into your lives,” captioned Stafford in the post, which included a photo of Cox’s family.

“You had ZERO involvement in what I spoke about and in fact, it was y’alls [sic] relationship in college that I looked up to for me and Matthew. You were the couple that everyone thinks Matthew and I was.. Y’all were the UGA QB and cheerleader that met and never let go. I love y’all.”

It’s far from the first time Kelly Stafford divulged personal information about her husband that she later regretted.

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