WATCH: Nathan MacKinnon Talks MVP Win; Discusses Drouin, Cogliano

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Nathan MacKinnon never thought he’d win the Hart Trophy. I’m not sure why. Has he not seen himself play hockey?

On Thursday night, MacKinnon became the second Avalanche player to win both the Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award in the same season, matching what Joe Sakic did back in 2001. We all know that MacKinnon would trade both of these awards for a Stanley Cup, but winning them did seem to mean a lot to him.

After his big night, he met with media to discuss everything…and I mean everything. The awards were discussed, as well as what he learned from his time around Andrew Cogliano, and what it meant to play with Jonathan Drouin last season.

Here’s the full video, as well as a few excerpts from it. The entire video is over 12 minute long, which is a really long time for the Avalanche superstar. Give it a watch, but here’s a few of the interesting things he had to say…

MacKinnon on having both those trophies:

“It’s really cool. I honestly never thought I’d win these, so very special. Like I said in my speech, every player I grew up idolizing has their name on these things, so to be a part of that company is surreal. It hasn’t really sunk in. It’s definitely a special thing. All the boys helped me a lot, and definitely so many people to thank.”

On who he has heard from so far:

“Got a call from Sid and Wayne (Gretzky) called me, so that’s always pretty cool to see Wayne Gretzky pop up on your phone. Seeing his name like 100 times on this thing too. It’s cool to have all the support I do. Couldn’t do this alone.”

MacKinnon on Mikko Rantanen helping him:

“Every year, Mikko has always been there for me. He’s the perfect linemate, I think, for one another. We help each other out, and same thing with a lot of guys, whether it’s Cogliano, or Tyson Barrie, or Jamie McGinn, and all these different players over these 11 years that have helped me. It didn’t just happen this year.”

MacKinnon on his intensity and how Bednar said he’s willing to call out teammates and coaches to make everyone better:

“Did he say that? I don’t know what he’s talking about! No, I always like playing with guys who are fiery and you have to try to tame them a little bit. I’m definitely taming myself everyday, trying to tame myself. I just get so invested in it. I love the day-to-day grind of the NHL, and I think that’s why I’m sitting here right now. I do love to work and I love the process of things.”

MacKinnon on getting to play with Jonathan Drouin:

“It was special. Definitely my favorite teammate I’ve ever had. I think we really understand each other. We met when we were 12, 13 and shared a lot of great moments in Halifax. Just really understand each other and we get the best out of each other.”

On Andrew Cogliano, who he congratulated in his speech:

“Another guy, we’re a lot alike! He always says we have different skillsets, but same mentality. He’s always out there working on his game. Still pissed at him for retiring but I’m happy he’s with the team now. He’s going to help us win in other ways. Great guy, one of my favorite teammates ever, so I just wanted to acknowledge his retirement.”

On who he voted for the Ted Lindsay award…

“Uh, Cale…but I put thought into it.”

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