Scout delivers incredible quote about Caleb Williams

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One scout delivered an incredible quote about quarterback prospect Caleb Williams.

Williams is widely expected to become the No. 1 overall pick by the Chicago Bears during Thursday’s NFL Draft. Despite the foregone conclusion that Williams will go first overall, not everyone is sold on the former USC quarterback.

David Fleming was a guest on “Pablo Torre Finds Out” and shared what a former scout told him about Williams. The former scout apparently is plugged-in with teams around the league, and the person told Fleming that drafting Williams would scare the s–t out of him.

Williams going up to cry with his mother in the stands after losing a game threw up “major red flags” for the scout.

The scout apparently said that Williams scares the s–t out of a lot of NFL teams.

“The book on him is he’s just kind of a weird kid. One GM told me it’s like if Prince played quarterback,” the scout told Fleming.

And there’s the money quote.

Prince was known for being a flamboyant and eccentric music performer. He had a great work ethic, was prolific, and is considered one of the great pop artists of all time. Williams puts messages on his finger nails, carries pink accessories, and cried to his mother after a loss.

Being so flamboyant may have helped Prince become so iconic as a music performer. Will that sort of behavior work just as well for Williams?

You can listen to the quotes from Fleming yourself:

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