Tom Brady shares his biggest problem with today’s young NFL players

Larry Brown Sports

New England Patriots legend Tom Brady recently revealed his one big problem with some of the new blood entering the NFL these days.

Brady recently appeared on the “DeepCut with VicBlends” podcast to discuss all kinds of topics, from his childhood crush to his current mission in life.

Brady also touched on his “biggest problem” with young football players in this day and age. The 46-year-old pinpointed players being too self-centered rather than team-focused.

“I think the biggest problem with a lot of f–king kids these days, it’s all about them,” said Brady. “Their brand, their social media. When it’s about me and then not about us, well there’s no way to succeed as a team if all you’re doing is thinking how selfish it is for you to get the attention.”

Brady knows what it takes to win in the NFL more than anyone in history. The 7-time Super Bowl winner was regarded as an excellent team leader throughout his 23-year NFL career. But Brady always harped on the importance of his teammates and operating as a cohesive unit.

With some young NFL players damaging or completely derailing their careers of late due to hubris or vanity, Brady’s words certainly ring true.

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