Gardner Minshew Dropped An On-Brand Stare-Down For Saturday Night’s Broadcast


Indianapolis Colts quarterback Gardner Minshew has had a heck of a season on the field. Of course, off the field, he’s also known for being one of the NFL’s bigger characters. On Saturday night, he and the Colts faced a win-and-in situation against the Houston Texans. For the occasion, Minshew had a very on-brand moment.

It wasn’t live. Instead, it was the pre-taped staredown that he did for ABC’s graphics package.

I’m not sure what that was. There was a lot of intensity with a dash of Blue Steel and a pinch of deranged hitchhiker. A lot of range in that look.

Personally, I saw a bit of Seattle Kraken forward Brandon Tanev and his infamous headshots.

Actually, y’know what. I think Minshew managed to tip the “crazy scale” in his favor.

That look Minshew dropped on an unsuspecting television audience was something else, and the citizens of the internet ate it up… or were at least perplexed by it.

Alright, so not everyone is a fan.

Well, like it or not, you can’t say that Gardner Minshew doesn’t at least march to the beat of his own drum.

He filled in for Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson after he went down with an injury and has done an admirable job. I mean, I don’t think too many of us saw the Colts having a chance to make the postseason in Week 18.

Hey, I’m sure a lot of Colts fans would agree that it doesn’t matter how much of a goofball you are off the field — or in television graphics — as long as you win games.

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