A blockbuster trade proposal has the Philadelphia 76ers dealing James Harden to one of their top competitors in the Eastern Conference.

Last week, the 2018 league MVP opted into his $35.6 million option for 2023-24 as a way to help the 76ers facilitate a trade. More than a week after free agency opened, Harden remains a member of the 76ers roster.

At NBA Analysis Network, James Piercey has proposed a blockbuster trade that would see the 76ers trade the future Hall of Famer to the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for fellow standout guard Jrue Holiday:

“If there is one big man in the NBA who can score as well as (Joel) Embiid can in the NBA, there can’t be two. In terms of his offensive skills, he is an elite player. 

Tyrese Maxey is also developing into a player of this caliber. As a matter of fact, his ability to create with the ball could replace a lot of what Harden has to offer. There is a possibility that both of these stars would be better suited to being paired up with a player who is more willing to work off of the ball than on it."