Nathan Eovaldi joined the Red Sox via trade in 2018 and very quickly became an invaluable member of the organization. So when he hit free agency last winter, he and his agent were sure to keep the Red Sox abreast of all of the plans, offers, and negotiations that were taking place, with the expectation being that the veteran right-hander would remain in Boston.

The Red Sox ended up letting Eovaldi leave via free agency on a very reasonable two-year, $34 million contract. The Red Sox instead opted to sign Corey Kluber to a one-year, $10 million deal to fill out their starting rotation.

It obviously hasn't worked out that well for Boston, with Eovaldi earning an All-Star spot this year and Kluber posting an unsightly 7.04 ERA after being Boston's Opening Day starter.

And Eovaldi, visiting Fenway Park with the Texas Rangers this week, revealed that he expected to remain in Boston all along.