There's Black Friday shopping, and then there's Day After Black Friday shopping.

And the savviest bargain-hunter knows there are significant deals to be had if the person holding the cash has the patience to wait it out and the prudence to select well.

Carry that over to the NHL and you'll be where we are now.

Saturday's arrival of unrestricted free agency brought the usual flurry of activity and high-profile players signing for, in some cases, more than was expected. In fact, better than a dozen contracts with eight-figure total values were agreed over the weekend.

Which means, now that a new week has arrived, there are savings still out there.

The B/R hockey team got together to scan the list of players still available as UFAs and came up with five names your team should sign if your general manager is looking to blend maximum on-ice production with minimal financial outlay.


Matt Dumba

Perhaps we all need a Matt Dumba refresher.

Lest anyone forget, the 2012 seventh overall pick is a 6'0", 181-pound defenseman who's scored double-digit goals and reached double-digit power-play points four times in his career, and he's coming off a season in which he played at least 20 minutes in 58 games.

And somehow he's still only 28 years old.

Indeed, the fact that Dumba has played in parts of 10 NHL seasons and been a regular in nine of them makes him seem older than he is. Yet he's still a youngster by comparison to some and is available for presumably far less than the $6 million he made in each of the last five seasons on a $30 million deal signed with the Minnesota Wild in 2018.

With the number of teams looking for established and reliable help on the blue line, it's only a matter of time before Dumba is snatched up.

And here's a guess: Whichever team gets him will be better in the long run because of the investment.