The NBA's 2023 free-agency period is upon us, as teams will be allowed to officially court additions starting Friday at 6 p.m. ET.

Some of the bigger names, including Kristaps Porzingis and James Harden, have been taken out of the fray by virtue of player or team options being exercised, but there is still plenty of talent to be had.

Based on past production, age, how they fit in the modern NBA and a healthy dose of subjectivity, the top 25 of those available can be found below.


25. Yuta Watanabe (Unrestricted)

Yuta Watanabe may not be suited for a huge role, but a 6'9" player who can shoot 40-plus percent from deep (Watanabe is at 40.5 percent over the last three seasons) can at least make defenses a bit more honest by merely setting up shop in the corner on offense.

24. Kelly Oubre Jr. (Unrestricted)

The Charlotte Hornets were among the league's worst teams, and he only appeared in 48 games, so Kelly Oubre Jr. operated in relative obscurity last season. But his 20.3 points and 2.3 threes (albeit on just 31.9 percent shooting from deep) demonstrate that he could still help someone as a sparkplug scorer off the bench.

23. Kevin Love (Unrestricted)

Kevin Love turns 35 in September. Team defense when he's on the floor could be a real challenge. But he just had a real role with a Finals team and shot 37.8 percent from deep in the playoffs. He could be a solid floor-spacer for a team in need of shooting from the frontcourt.

22. Mason Plumlee (Unrestricted)

Mason Plumlee has never been a highly touted big man, but he brings a varied skill set that's increasingly valuable as teams embrace playmaking bigs. There are only 10 players in NBA history who match or exceed both of his career marks for rebounding percentage and assist percentage.

21. P.J. Washington (Restricted)

P.J. Washington shot a career-high 38.6 percent from deep in 2020-21, but that mark has gone down in each season since. Still, he's enough of a threat from the outside to pull opposing forwards away from the basket and can occasionally make a play with the ball.