The day before NBA free agency is usually the quiet before the storm. As teams and players prepare for negotiations, extensions, and changes to the NBA landscape, noise and speculation often ground to a haul. This year, however, things have taken an unexpected turn.

The biggest shock of the offseason so far is the news reported just moments ago that James Harden is set to leave the 76ers after everyone assumed he'd return. As far as suitors go, we've heard all year long about the Rockets and Clippers. Crazy enough, it seems that the Suns (who already have three All-Stars) are also a potential destination for the Beard.

"Keep an eye on the Clippers and Suns as potential trade suitors for James Harden," reported league insider Evan Sidery. "The Clippers have multiple salaries — Norman Powell, Marcus Morris, Robert Covington — to make it happen. For Phoenix, they would need to find a third team to take on Deandre Ayton’s contract to help facilitate assets back to Philadelphia."