The best part of talking about uniforms is how almost everyone has an opinion on them, but no one really gets to be right.

Even when there's popularity or perceived consensus on particular gear, everyone is still entitled to their own sense of taste and fashion style.

So much of what we discuss in baseball is cut-and-dry, with nuances to help us understand either the bigger picture or more granular topics.

This, where we rank every team's current City Connect gear, is looser. Have fun with the rankings and rail against them if you disagree.

Usually, we rank from worst to first, but I wanted to celebrate to good ones before slamming the ones that don't hold up as well.


1. Chicago White Sox

The White Sox were one of the first teams to reveal their City Connect uniforms two years ago and there still hasn't been a better one produced.

All black with an emphasis on Chicago's Southside community. The gray Gothic font, plus being the first to go away from white pants with pinstripes instead, makes a strong fashion.

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson talked about the authenticity and relatability of the jerseys with the fan base.

What I like most about it is how it represents the second team in a two-baseball city, but remains unique and specific to its fan base. Very well done.