Ohio State football tight end Zak Herbstreit, the son of former Buckeyes quarterback and current ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit, was shockingly hospitalized on Tuesday. Shortly after the news of his hospitalization emerged, Kirk Herbstreit took to Twitter and shared a message from his son, who revealed why he was hospitalized.

“I have had a bit of a setback these past couple of weeks. Not feeling right. Culminated with tests results this past Friday that forced me into the hospital. I have some of the best cardiologists looking after me, and I am beyond appreciative. We are doing a number of tests and conjuring a plan to ensure that I will be able to be back to feeling normal again. I appreciate the overwhelming support over the past couple of days. I am feeling good and hope to be out of the hospital soon.”

The Ohio State football pass-catcher said that he “had a bit of a setback” and hasn't been “feeling right.”