Alabama head coach Nick Saban believes that creating parity is much more difficult in college football than in the NFL.

"It's harder to do in college football because we have so many different teams, and the fundamentals are different at the University of Alabama as opposed to another school," Saban said on "The Joel Klatt Show: A College Football Podcast." "An I-AA school, a Division II school, even a lower-half Division I school. The money is different, the dynamics are different, the investment that's made in the athletes and the program are different. The value created for the athletes is different."

Saban said a possible solution to creating more parity would be working with a smaller, more refined group of teams to help even the sport's playing field. He also noted that an NFL comparison is different because the league attempts to create parity through its draft order and scheduling.

"Parity creates a lot of excitement," he added.