The Denver Nuggets are mostly to blame for ending the Lakers' season, but there are many factors that led to their downfall. Besides inconsistency from LeBron and Anthony Davis, it was a lack of help from the supporting cast that had the Lakers playing from behind all season long.

This summer, Rob Pelinka hopes to change the situation once and for all with one big, blockbuster move to put his team over the edge. According to Jovan Buha, early trade targets include both Damian Lillard and Hawks sharpshooter Trae Young, who have been on the team's radar now for years.

"Since its 2020 championship, when then-35-year-old LeBron James and then-33-year-old Rajon Rondo excelled as the Lakers’ lead ballhandlers, Los Angeles has used a revolving door of point guards," wrote Jovan Buha. "James’ advanced age and mounting injuries, as well as an internal acknowledgment that he should play off the ball more, have created a need for more supplementary ballhandling, playmaking and shot creation within Los Angeles’ offense. It’s why the Lakers have been enamored with the possibility of adding elite scoring guards like Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving through the years."

As LeBron James has aged, the Lakers have made it a priority to seek out ball handlers to relieve the workload for James. Unfortunately, they have yet to find one that sticks after cycling through Russell Westbrook and D'Angelo Russell.