The Chicago Cubs (28-37) find themselves in one of the most troubling dilemmas in all of sports. Stay the course and hope their fortunes improve in a fairly open division. Or be practical about the team's current trajectory and try to maximize return value on a couple players who should generate considerable market interest.

While a six-and-a-half game deficit makes it tempting to trudge forward with the roster intact, this organization could benefit tremendously going forward if they reluctantly play the role of sellers ahead of the 2023 MLB trade deadline.

A lot can change by the time Aug. 1 rolls around, but the Cubs have to really look at their ceiling this season. Is this a playoff team as currently constructed? A weak lineup and unreliable bullpen should make that answer abundantly clear. Baseball is generally a sport of highs and lows, but banking on a sudden turnaround just seems ill-advised.

Assuming they remain in No Man's Land, or drift below that, general manager Carter Hawkins should be open for business. Here are 2 early players the Cubs should consider dealing going into the MLB trade deadline.


2. Cody Bellinger CF

After back-to-back losing seasons, the Cubs put a band-aid on their roster by making a lot of short-term moves this past offseason. This get-relevant-quick scheme has done little to improve their NL standing, but it has left them with multiple successful reclamation projects that they can now flip.