A bad week got even worse for the New York Mets on Friday. The Mets were blown out by the Pittsburgh Pirates — the 14-7 final score is deceiving because the Mets scored five runs in the ninth inning to make the game seem closer than it really was — for their seventh consecutive loss. At 30-34, the Mets are 9.5 games out in the NL East and four games out of a wild-card spot.

New York came into the season with the highest payroll in baseball history and enormous expectations, and to say they're falling short of those expectations would be an understatement. Mets fans waiting for owner Steve Cohen to show his inner George Steinbrenner shouldn't hold their breath, however. Cohen won't fire people for the sake of firing people.

Here's what Colen told the New York Post on Saturday:

"When things get really bad, I'm not going to blow up," Cohen said. "I don't think that's the proper response. I don't think it solves anything, other than it gives people a one-day story. But it doesn't really solve anything. There's plenty of blame to go around from a performance point of view. So blowing up, I'm not sure it solves anything. It would demonstrate, 'Oh, he really cares. He's one of us.' But the reality is it's not going to solve our problems. And I think in some ways it can be demotivating."