The first offseason with two official transfer portal windows is winding down, and the new era of player movement is at the center of a national discourse. Undergraduate players no longer have to sit on the sideline for an entire season before hitting the field, and a version of free agency has taken control of the sport. Like it or not, this is the new reality, and we've seen players around the country take advantage of the new rules.

Among the big names to find new homes are former Wake Forest quarterback Sam Hartman, who made his way to Notre Dame; former NC State signal-caller Devin Leary, who moved to Kentucky; and star wide receiver Travis Hunter, who followed coach Deion Sanders from Jackson State to Colorado.

Some teams went hard by targeting multiple players in an effort to revamp their rosters, while others targeted specific players that can add some depth and summer competition to help them make the College Football Playoff. Which method will work? That depends on the needs of each program and coach based on where they currently sit in the landscape of their divisions and conferences.

The new era has ushered in more freedom for players than we've ever seen before thanks to immediate eligibility and the ability to make money off of their name, image and likeness. Following these chess pieces around the board is nearly impossible. No worries, CBS Sports has you covered. Here are the five teams that benefitted the most during the transfer portal madness of the winter and spring windows.