Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook may have had their share of yelling and jeering when the LA Clippers squared off against the Phoenix Suns, but the former denied that he had Westbrook ever had beef.

Speaking to The Ringer's Logan Murdock, “I don’t think we were ever in a bad place,” Durant said. “I don’t think he was throwing shade at me either. I’ve never really thought that anything Russ was doing was directed at me."

When asked about the time the guard took a shot at calling his former OKC teammate 'cupcake', Durant felt it wasn't aimed at him.

“And I’m going to stand on that. I don’t think we ever had a problem or beef, because beef is deep, man. I didn’t get the sense that he was hurt. I just thought that he had an opportunity to get a max deal, a supermax deal, get an MVP, and have his own team. And I thought that he handled that pretty well. And he looked happy doing it."