What an ending! The Virginia basketball team looked to be in the driver’s seat in their opening March Madness game against Furman when disaster struck. With a two-point lead and under 15 seconds remaining in the game, Cavaliers guard Kihei Clark was trapped by two Furman guards when he hurled the ball towards halfcourt, where it was intercepted by a Furman defender. The Paladins promptly hit the go-ahead three pointer to win the game.

Twitter, predictably, had no mercy for Clark after his questionable decision, as they roasted the Virginia basketball guard.

Twitter was simply stunned that Virginia was unable to run out the clock against Furman. Not only that, but they were baffled by Clark’s ill-advised decision to chuck the ball towards half court, where it was easy pickings for the Furman defender.

Even Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes couldn’t believe what he was seeing from Virginia basketball in this March Madness thriller.