DeMar DeRozan has been playing at a superstar level since he joined the Chicago Bulls in 2021. He was even getting MVP shouts during his first season with the team. However, injuries have derailed the Bulls and thrown DeRozan’s future into doubt.

Asked about DeMar DeRozan potentially leaving the Chicago Bulls and going to the Los Angeles Lakers, NBA and Bulls’ insider Sam Smith elaborated on the star’s future on the Bulls’ website.

“Well, DeMar has been pretty open that he thought he was going to the Lakers and home as a free agent two years ago and that’s where he wanted to go,” Smith wrote. But he’s since said he believes in finishing what he started and has grown to like Chicago and the Bulls.

“Things change depending on, as I’ve said and we know, how the postseason goes. But with one more year on his contract, I expect DeRozan to be with the Bulls next season. Perhaps not after that.”