Ben Simmons was once an All-Star caliber player with the Philadelphia 76ers, being well-known for his slashing ability, defense, and playmaking. However, he has struggled to get into that form with the Brooklyn Nets.

One of the things that have hampered Ben Simmons' progress with the Brooklyn Nets is consistent knee issues. It seems as though those problems are severe, as it was recently reported by insider Jack Settleman that the Nets are planning to shut Ben Simmons down for the season. The report also mentioned that the team will try to move the big man this summer.

There is no doubt that this is unfortunate news to hear about Ben Simmons. Injuries are the worst part of sports. The news about the Nets attempting to offload his contract in the future is also interesting, as it was previously reported that Simmons has no trade value around the league. It remains to be seen which team will end up taking him on and whether he will ever return to All-Star form.