It’s become popular to suggest the Portland Trail Blazers should trade Damian Lillard. Perhaps it’s become too popular. Lillard just scored 71 points in an NBA game.

Granted, it was against the woeful Houston Rockets. Fair. Here’s our counterpoint: Seventy-one. 

Surely, the Blazers could still build a contender around this guy. Lizard is one of the best offensive guards in the NBA, and he has no apparent desire to leave. Why would the Blazers trade him? 

On the other hand, they ought to get him some help. Perhaps trading Lillard was never the answer.

It may be more prudent to trade for a co-star that complements him instead.

A co-star like, for example, Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat. 


Miami Heat receive: G Anfernee Simons, G/F Shaedon Sharpe, 2023 First-Round Pick (NYK via POR), 2025 First-Round Pick (POR) 

Portland Trail Blazers receive: G/F Jimmy Butler