The Tennessee Titans hired a new GM last month and he only took a few weeks to start cleaning house as the team cut longtime left tackle Taylor Lewan along with last offseason’s prize addition, Robert Woods. Neither move was a surprise as the Titans attempt to retool on the fly and save themselves some money.

But it does make one wonder if it’s a sign of things to come. The Titans are not in a position to win a Super Bowl right now. They are in a weak division that will feature two rookie QBs next year, sure, but Ryan Tannehill is not keeping up with the Patrick Mahomes of the world and the defense is not nearly talented enough to carry a weak offense. These are not problems that will fix themselves with good coaching and drafting anytime soon, either.

What if these moves are the preface to a total teardown for Tennessee? The natural next move would be to trade Derrick Henry. Henry still produces at an excellent clip but is no longer capable of powering a roster to the playoffs on his own and the Titans could save $7 million by trading him. He is effectively in the last year of his deal; there would be great interest in acquiring a top-five running back on an expiring contract. The San Francisco 49ers’ midseason acquisition of Christian McCaffrey proved a great running back can still be part of a winning team in the right hands, no matter how much they are paid.