the days before the World Cup are full of suspense. For Brazil, who are the favourites, there first match takes place on Thursday, November 24, at 20:00 CET where they will face Serbia.

The Balkan outfit are a tough side with a strong attack and, for that reason, Brazil coach Tite is considering opting for a less fanciful line-up than of late.

The coach has traditionally been labelled as overly conservative at this stage, a label he has gradually shaken off. There is no greater example of this than during the September break, when he considered playing in Qatar with five attackers in Raphinha, Lucas Paqueta, Neymar, Vinicius and Richarlison.

Serbia's threat

The threat of Kostic, Vlahovic and Mitrovic has not gone unnoticed by Brazil. That is why, while working in Turin, their headquarters until they land in Doha on Saturday, they are considering sacrificing a striker for someone will bring more balance.