Dennis Schroder continues to be the basis of trade proposals for the Boston Celtics, primarily due to his short-term contract and poor fit within the rotation.

In a recent article for ESPN, Bobby Marks proposes a trade that sees Schroder heading to the Western Conference as an impact player on the Phoenix Suns bench, and in return, the Celtics would receive a former top-10 draft pick in Jalen Smith. The Celtics would also send a future second-round pick to Phoenix as a sweetener in the deal.

  • Celtics receive: Jalen Smith
  • Suns receive: Dennis Schroder, future 2nd round draft pick

However, it’s worth noting that while Smith is an interesting talent who has fantastic long-term upside, this deal would be based around the Celtics getting below the luxury tax while obtaining an additional young asset to evaluate. Furthermore, expecting a fair return for Schroder is unlikely, as any team that acquires him will encounter the same issues as Boston projects to have.

“The Celtics could hold on to Schroder or move him for either multiple second-round picks or a player who has a few years left on his contract. Any team that trades for Schroder will have the same limit in re-signing him unless that team has cap space or the full non-taxpayer midlevel exception in the offseason,” Bobby Marks wrote in a recent article.


Celtics Would Need to Find Smith Minutes

Before entering the NBA, Smith was understood to be a modern-day center, capable of blocking shots, running the floor, and hitting the three at a reasonable clip.