One player who appears to have made a lot of money for himself on the back end of the 2021 season is free-agent slugger Jorge Soler. 

The reigning World Series MVP started last season toiling in obscurity for the Kansas City Royals.

After slamming 48 home runs for the Royals in 2019, Soler had a down season in 2020, then started 2021 with a 79 wRC+.

Following his trade to Atlanta, though, he looked rejuvenated, putting up a 132 wRC+ in 55 games. He capped his resurgence with a World Series performance that saw him hit three home runs and record a 1.191 OPS.

Yet, with a deeply talented free-agent class, Soler is not considered one of the top players available. Nonetheless, he will make a team better once he finds a landing spot. 

Here is a ranking of 10 potential spots, with fit, need and willingness to spend factored into the equation.


10. Colorado Rockies

Soler is a fit in Colorado if the designated hitter comes to the National League. His power would be an immediate upgrade to the Rockies' lineup, which was 24th in home runs and 29th in OPS+ last season. 

If the Rockies are looking to make a big splash, they probably will target Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber, who project to sign lengthier and more expensive deals. 

But if they want a reasonable, cost-effective and incremental improvement to their roster, Soler is worth heavily considering. 

He would be a nice consolation for a team not expected to be in the mix for a top free agent. For MLB Trade Rumors' top 50 free-agent rankings last November, writer Steve Adams predicted Soler to Colorado.


9. Miami Marlins

Nothing about the way this organization moves would suggest they would be interested in top-of-the-market free agents. 

That likely rules out Carlos Correa, Freddie Freeman, Kris Bryant, Trevor Story and Kyle Schwarber. 

But the Marlins have needs all over and could settle for a less expensive Soler. Fresh off a World Series MVP, the Cuban native would add some much-needed star power to the franchise and cost much less than the top players available.

With the universal designated hitter, this would make even more sense in Miami.

The Marlins had the second-lowest OPS and third-fewest home runs last year. Adding Soler would immediately improve the team in those areas.