The Miami Hurricanes are ushering in a brand new era of football under new head coach Mario Cristobal, formerly of Oregon. And Cristobal just did away with one of the best things former head coach, and current Penn State defensive coordinator, Manny Diaz ever brought to Miami, a trend that swept the college football nation. Say good-bye to the days of the turnover chain in Miami.

“We got rid of the turnover chains,” Miami offensive line coach Alex Mirabel was quoted saying during a recruiting event recently. “We’re here to play football.”

The turnover chain, of course, was introduced to Miami by Diaz and it quickly became a gimmick that fired up the Hurricanes defense, and Diaz would eventually go on to be asked about the turnover chain every season as the tradition continued for the Hurricanes. Diaz introduced the idea of the turnover chain while on the Miami staff as a defensive coordinator for former head coach Mark Richt. Diaz acknowledged other teams had turnover gimmicks before the turnover chain existed, but Miami perfected the sideline celebration.