After inviting Brittany Renner to speak with his team, Jackson State Tigers head coach and former NFL superstar Deion Sanders said he wishes he heard her advice at a younger age.

On the latest episode of his podcast 21st & Prime with former Atlanta Falcons player Jamie Dukes, Sanders was joined by Renner and reflected what she told his team. “If I had been sitting in that room at Florida State and I had her come and lay it out like she laid it out,” Sanders said, per the New York Post. “If I would have had that I would be at least $20 million richer.”

Renner pressed Sanders to further explain what he meant, and he suggested that he had to spend a lot of money during at least one of his two divorces. “Everything she elaborated on, I would have been more prepared for the game of life,” he explained. “I was prepared for the game of football, but not that other game. Because I was so locked in. And then I misconstrued what love and some women were. If I would have had that, I promise you, at least 20. At least $20 million richer because of the divorces, the lawyer fees, all the bull junk that I’ve gone through as a man.”