The Los Angeles Clippers could use some reinforcements for the 2021-22 NBA season. They are likely going to be without superstar forward Kawhi Leonard for the majority of the season as he suffered a knee injury in the team’s second-round matchup in the postseason against the Utah Jazz.

Despite not having Leonard, the Clippers were able to defeat the Jazz in two straight games to advance into the Western Conference Finals. There they lost to the Phoenix Suns, but they gave them everything they had, pushing them to six games.

Paul George was magnificent leading the way for Los Angeles, with Reggie Jackson also playing very well. While the team may not be at the status of contender without Leonard in the lineup, they will not be an easy out any night of the week.

Getting some more weapons to help get through the 82-game regular season would make sense. Los Angeles could be looking at this season as a chance to bolster the roster and continue building it up until Leonard returns to the team.

It will take a team effort to replace the production of someone such as Leonard, as virtually no one can do what he does. To help replace his offensive production, the team could look into acquiring a player such as Eric Gordon.

Gordon is one of the last remaining players from the Mike D’Antoni era on the Houston Rockets and the team would assuredly like to move him if possible. What could a swap between the Rockets and Clippers be? Let’s take a look at this hypothetical trade.

Los Angeles Clippers Receive: G Eric Gordon, HOU 2024 Second-Round Pick

Houston Rockets Receive: G Luke Kennard, G Keon Johnson

The Los Angeles Clippers and Houston Rockets are heading in two different directions. The Rockets are looking to stockpile assets and young players to get their rebuild going, while the Clippers are seeking to remain contenders even without Kawhi Leonard.

This deal makes the goals of each team clear. Los Angeles is acquiring veteran Eric Gordon, who will be turning 33 in December. In this hypothetical deal, he will be returning to the team his NBA career began with back in 2008.

In addition to Gordon, the Clippers would be receiving a second-round draft pick in 2024. To land that package, Los Angeles is trading Luke Kennard and Keon Johnson.