Sixers must keep close eye on floundering Kings for Ben Simmons trade

Clutch Points

While things have quieted down for the time being, the Ben Simmons cloud still hangs over the head of the Philadelphia 76ers. The three-time All-Star has cited he is not mentally ready to join his teammates on the court, and a potential return date has not come close to being discussed.

There is still no telling when or how this saga ends, but a trade remains the most likely outcome. Part of the reason why a deal never came about in the offseason was due to Daryl Morey’s asking price for the 25-year-old. While some teams weren’t willing to part ways with valuable assets in the summer, that might change after playing a handful of regular season games.

Morey has remained patient up to this point, and for good reason. The Sixers are a team looking to contend for a title right now, which is why he cannot afford to sell low in a trade. It has been made clear Morey is waiting for a win-now move that increases their chances of making a deep postseason run.

Instead of making a panic move before the start of the season, Morey held on to Simmons–hoping a team stumbles out of the gate to start the year. His gamble might be paying off, as one team linked to the former No. 1 pick in the offseason has done just that.


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