Last month, reports indicated that Ben Simmons had told the Philadelphia 76ers he wants to be traded and is willing to hold out of training camp to make it happen. The 76ers, meanwhile, are still hoping for a big return for the three-time All-Star, and have not been able to find a suitable deal yet. 

With things at an impasse, and neither side interested in budging on their demands right now, there's a chance this could turn into one of the ugliest situations we've had in the NBA in a while. A report from ESPN's Brian Windhorst on Wednesday afternoon offered further evidence. 

Per Windhorst, Simmons has made it clear to the Sixers that it isn't his job to improve his trade value. 

It's not as if there was a lot of hope that Simmons and the Sixers could fix their relationship at this point, but this report makes it pretty clear that it's unsalvageable. Once the petty comments like this start flying, it's over. The only question now is when Simmons gets traded.