New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor agrees with owner Steve Cohen's recent comments about the team's poor performance and made sure to take some accountability for his own struggles at the plate this season.

"We've been getting that message the whole year," Lindor replied when asked if Cohen's tweet sent a message to the clubhouse, according to The Athletic's Tim Britton. "We haven't really hit all year long. I haven't performed. I haven't done it.

"Bottom line. I haven't done what I'm here to do when it comes to the offensive side. Defense, they can't talk to me. Baserunning, they can't talk to me either. But offensively, yeah, criticize me, say whatever you want. You're right. You're all right. I'm with them. I haven't performed."

On Wednesday, Cohen tweeted: "It's hard to understand how professional hitters can be this unproductive. The best teams have a more disciplined approach. The slugging and OPS numbers don't lie."