At this point in his storied career, Cristiano Ronaldo does not have many feats left to achieve, considering that he has already accomplished so much.

From being the all-time top goal-scorer in the UEFA Champions League and European Championships to the multitude of records that he holds in league play, Ronaldo has simply done what many other icons before him could not achieve during their careers.

Even as there were chatters over the past week over Ronaldo’s uncertain future with Juventus, Bianconeri manager Massimiliano Allegri confirmed on Saturday that the Portuguese star will indeed stay put with the club for this season.

Thus, Ronaldo will well be aiming to help Juventus recapture the Serie A title and end its Champions League trophy drought, but these three possible milestones may also be on his mind for the upcoming campaign.


800 career goals

During a Euro 2020 qualification fixture against Ukraine in 2019, Ronaldo made history when he slotted home a penalty attempt for the 700th career goal of his career in both club and country play.

Many at the time speculated on whether Ronaldo would then later reach 800 career goals. Considering that many great forwards before him began to play like a shell of their former selves once they reached their mid-30s, this was certainly a fair assessment for the Juventus star.

Still, as Ronaldo has done plenty of times in his career before, he is on the verge of silencing doubters.

As it stands, Ronaldo sits at 683 career goals scored; he has notched a combined 674 goals with Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United to go along with 109 with the Portuguese national team.