Rob Manfred could be on the clock.

The commissioner’s office and the players’ union agreed Friday to extend Trevor Bauer’s leave from the Dodgers through Aug. 20. By that date, a judge could have issued a ruling in the only legal proceeding currently facing Bauer. That could force Manfred to decide whether to suspend Bauer for alleged sexual assault before the Los Angeles County district attorney‘s office decides whether to charge him with a crime.

In a hearing scheduled to start Monday and last up to four days, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge is set to decide whether the temporary restraining order against Bauer should remain in place. That sets up this dynamic: Bauer likely would not testify at the hearing because anything he says could be used in a potential criminal case against him, but the district attorney might not decide whether to charge him until considering what evidence might emerge at the hearing, including how the woman who has accused Bauer fares on the witness stand.