Fans react to Joe Burrow’s ridiculous outfit at Vogue World

Larry Brown Sports

Joe Burrow is getting in touch with his fashion side, and that means wearing some weird outfits.

Burrow traveled to Paris to partake in the Vogue World fashion show on Sunday, along with his former LSU teammate, Justin Jefferson. The two modeled some suit-like clothing, but there were some twists. Neither had a shirt on underneath. Both suits featured very baggy pants. And Burrow’s suit notably had an open back.

Unsurprisingly, fans had jokes about the backless suit for Burrow.

What some call “fashion” others call hospital outfits. But to each their own.

Why did Burrow head to Paris for Paris Fashion Week Men’s?

“I’ve always loved clothes but never really understood the industry, so I wanted to learn more,” the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback told Vogue. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person, [and] I think walking in the show is a great way to do that.”

If by getting out of his comfort zone he meant wearing less clothing, he succeeded.

Who do you think buckled his back strap?

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