Suspicious NFL Fans Think They Have Evidence Proving 49ers-Packers Game Was “Rigged”

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It seems like after every big NFL game these days, there are some fans out there who will find anything to try and convince themselves that the game was “rigged.”

Usually, these claims come from individuals who didn’t like the outcome of the contest, whether it be based on their fandom or their gambling interests. And sometimes, the accusations are pretty outrageous.

Take Kyle Saravino’s, for example. He seems to think the game was “rigged and scripted” in the 49ers’ favor because Aaron Jones failed to catch a toss pass.

And then there’s this guy, who thinks the “game is so rigged” because Jordan Love decided to throw into a “sea of red” on his game-ending interception.

And he’s not the only one who pointed out Love’s decision-making as proof that the game is rigged:

In the end, those who weren’t busy digging up conspiracy theories were treated to an exciting game between two bitter rivals. And it was the Niners who walked away with a thrilling 24-21 victory to advance to the NFC Championship Game.

The win was the Niners’ fifth-straight against the Packers in the postseason, and it puts them in position to host the winner of Sunday’s Buccaneers-Lions contest.

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