Cole Beasley Upsets Snowflakes After Pushing Back Against Guys Painting Their Nails

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One simple question by free-agent NFL wideout Cole Beasley set off thin-skinned men on social media.

The 34-year-old can’t grasp why more men are walking around with painted nails.

Beasley shared his thoughts on the matter via X. He said that the uptick in men painting their nails — a lady’s activity — is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Men Really Shouldn’t Be Painting Their Nails, Cole Beasley Correctly States

Beasley posted: “What’s up with all these dudes painting their nails nowadays? That ain’t it…”

Beasley not so subtly questioned the state of masculinity in a nation quickly losing its swagger.

Since calls to reinforce masculinity in America have become taboo, Beasley awoke the online wokes with his question.

And taking a page out of Sean Strickland‘s guide to sh*t-talking, Beasley toyed with the outrage.

Bring Back Masculinity

“This is the beginning of your new pathetic life now that you’re bad at sports. Obsessed over people’s fingernails. Weird sh*t,” one hater reacted.

“I’ll never be bad at sports,” Beasley responded.

(Does America have an issue with declining masculinity? Why? Let us know your thoughts:

One bitter X commenter’s tweet collapsed according to its own logic: “What’s up with men caring about what other men do nowadays? That ain’t it…”

Being the reasonable man he is, Beasley relented to several instances when a man could paint his nails.

Such as, if the daughter comes a-knockin’ and she wants to paint the nails with dad, by all means, says Beasley.

Former Cowboys teammate Dez Bryant commented, “Bruh,” on Beasley’s tweet after the long-haired, proudly unvaxxed slot receiver caused the viral outrage.

Beasley responded, “Dez don’t tell me you’re out here painting your nails now. Lol we can still be friends but I’m def gonna give you sh*t about it. Haha.”

Masculinity Is Taboo Now…

On or off the field, you don’t want to mess with Beasley.

To the wideout’s credit, Beasley will speak his mind openly on any issue — politically correct or not.

Any serious person would assume that Beasley’s comment was innocuous, funny, or unfunny at the very worst.

Beasley’s post brought out the woke crybabies looking to shut him down for his ‘insensitive’ question. The same folks who wanted Beasley out of the league for opposing the NFL’s vaccine mandate … so not the brightest bunch.

However … is Beasley raising an interesting point?

One marquee example in college football is former USC quarterback Caleb Williams. The NFL-bound QB painted his nails on gameday, often featuring a profane jab at the opposing team. Williams’ intent to intimidate opponents appeared genuine, as did his interest in keeping his nails pretty.

(Then there’s crying after USC’s loss to Washington, which admittedly lost him a couple of ‘manhood’ points …)

As Strickland eloquently put it, a lack of manhood erodes the greatness of this nation, which once promoted Americans to wear thick skin over glossy nails.

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