Here Are The Top 5 The Coldest Moments From Saturday’s Frigid Chiefs-Dolphins Game


I’m not sure if you heard ahead of time, but Saturday night’s Chiefs-Dolphins game was one of the coldest games in the history of the National Football League.

Did they mention that at all? Did they mention the cold?

It was the storyline in an otherwise kind of dull game that saw the Chiefs breeze to a a Miami Dolphins team that was probably back on the plane to South Florida within minutes of the game ending.

There were a lot of sights and sounds to behold from a night that fans will be looking back on for years to come.

Especially those fans who lost a toe to frostbite…

Here are some of the best cold moments from an absurdly cold evening at Arrowhead.

5. This Water Bottle That Froze Instantly After Getting Pulled Out Of A Fridge

It’s not every day you encounter temperatures that the purpose of a refrigerator completely changes, but that’s what happened on Saturday night.

A video started making the rounds of a fried full of beverages at Arrowhead, however, this thing wasn’t getting those drinks nice and frosty, it was keeping them from getting completely frosty.

Check it out:

That’s what you want to have happen to your $10 bottle of water: for it to become completely undrinkable immediately.

However, I will say, that is hypnotizing to watch.

4. Shirtless Fans

I knew it was going to happen and so did you. Despite warnings that there would be temperatures that rivaled those found at the poles, there were always going to be some fans who decided to go tarps off.

These brave men β€” and only a dude would ever do this β€” are the hardest of the hardcore fans.

Dudes like this are positively cold-blooded… I mean that literally.

This fella might have some long-lasting health complications from this. Worse yet for him, the Dolphins lost.

If you’re going to risk carelessly bravely risk hypothermia, you want your team to win.

Or at least make a game of it.

3. Andy Reid’s Wife Going All In On The Fur

Andy Reid’s wife was down on the field at the end of the game, and she may be the ultimate First Lady of Football.

She hit the frozen tundra of Arrowhead Stadium looking like a French fur trader.

Avert your gaze, PETA; you’re not gonna like this one.

Who knows whether or not that’s real or faux fur, but honestly who cares? That’s what you want out of a Super Bowl-winning coach’s wife.

I feel like that’s what Mrs. Lombardi would’ve dressed in this situation. Nice throwback feel.

I dig it… now for something I didn’t dig…

2. Taylor Swift’s Awful Horrible Dancing

This had less to do with the cold and more to do with the fact that it gave me one hell of a case of the douche chills.

Cold, chills… see, it counts.

Toward the end of the game when it was clear that the Dolphins had absolutely no chance of making a game of it, the Peacock crew said, “F–k it; it’s Taylor time.”

They showed this clip of some dance they were doing in the stands like four times, and each time I saw it I shivered more than the shirtless Dolphins fan.

The real douce chills may have come more from Peacock’s instance of showing that almost as many times as Jason Garrett made dull comments that probably should’ve just stayed in his head.

Eh, who am I kidding? The Jason Garrett useless comment count was way higher.

If you were playing along with the OutKick Wild Card Weekend Drinking Game that Joe Kinsey came up with… well, then I hope you’ve got some Pedialyte to get you through your Sunday thanks to Jason Garrett…

Now for our big winner…

1. Andy Reid’s Frozen Lip Ferret

Could it have been anything else?

We all knew that Andy Reid would have one of the warmest top lips in the stadium, but when as soon as I saw that trademark soup cooler glistening with icicles I knew that it was the perfect image to sum up this game.

I mean look at this.

Look at it!!!

Just outstanding. If they ever build an Andy Reid statue in Kansas City β€” which doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility β€” that’s the image it should be based on.

Hopefully, after the game, he got a chance to grab a burger and some nuggies to celebrate the win and let that cookie duster defrost a little bit.

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