Ryan Tannehill admitted why he almost ‘went rogue’ in final Titans game

Larry Brown Sports

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill on Sunday nearly took a page out of the New Orleans Saints’ Week 18 playbook.

Tannehill admitted that he considered going “rogue” Sunday during the Titans’ 28-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn. The reason? Just like in Jameis Winston and the Saints’ recent insubordination, Tannehill’s intention was to help a teammate.

Titans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins had $750 thousand in incentives on the line in the game against the Jaguars. He needed to catch 7 passes for 39 yards with 2 touchdowns to trigger three different $250 thousand season-long incentives for each receiving category.

Tannehill was asked about how aware he was of Hopkins’ incentives after the game.

“I was very aware. I thought that we were actually a couple of yards short. And I told him, ‘Hey I’m gonna get you this ball. I don’t care what they call, I’m gonna get you this ball,” Tannehill said, via Nubyjas Wilborn of SI’s Titans site. … So, thankful that I didn’t have to go rogue there, call a pass play at the end.”

Tannehill was able to help Hopkins net a cool $500 thousand by helping the Titans wideout catch 7 passes for 46 yards. Hopkins was just a touchdown shy of completing the trifecta.

The 1-time Pro Bowler QB added that he had nothing to lose since he isn’t returning to the Titans next season.

Tannehill probably couldn’t have had a better opportunity to go rogue considering Titans head coach Mike Vrabel was fired days later.

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