‘Business Is Finished’: Michigan, Jim Harbaugh Celebrates National Championship Amid Chaotic Season Filled With Controversy


HOUSTON- Confetti rained down from NRG Stadium while Jim Harbaugh stood on the stage to accept the national championship. A season filled with chaotic suspensions and players having to fight through adversity, Michigan ‘Did That’ on Monday night.

From the start of the 2023 season, Michigan grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. A three-game suspension awaited Jim Harbaugh, while he ended up finishing the regular season with the same lengthy absence.

But on the field Monday night, Michigan bundled up all of that frustration and let out a massive sigh of relief. After everything these players had been through over the past four months, it all ended with ‘Mr. Brightside’ playing over the loudspeakers and Jim Harbaugh standing on-stage in sunglasses.

If you told somebody before the season that this would be how the last game ended, they would’ve most likely called you crazy. But after a massive defensive effort in the second half, along with a rushing attack that proved to be too much, Michigan could claim a national title.

40,000 Michigan Fans Rejoice, Celebrate National Title

For all the nonsense this fan base has gone through over the last four months, it’s fitting that Michigan fans are the ones getting to celebrate. Since the allegations of sign-stealing were first introduced, Wolverine fans stood by their team, dismissing the talk of getting rid of Jim Harbaugh.

And guess what? It paid off with a national championship, and right now the future of Michigan football doesn’t matter, at least for this week. Trust me, the conversations have already started about what’s next for this staff, and the school has made it known they want Harbaugh to return.

But for one night, it doesn’t matter. After twenty years of not being able to claim a national championship, Michigan hoisted one up tonight in Houston.

Michigan plauers celebrate the national championship win over Washington
Michigan plauers celebrate the national championship win over Washington

So for all the chatter about what this program will potentially look like in 2024, it just doesn’t matter right now. As he took the stage next to J.J. McCarthy and Blake Corum, all Jim Harbaugh had to do was put on a pair of his grandpa’s sunglasses.

Michigan plauers celebrate the national championship win over Washington
Michigan plauers celebrate the national championship win over Washington

“Business is finished, we did that,” Jim Harbaugh yelled out to the crowd.

Yea, they did it all right, in light of every Connor Stalions joke throughout the season. For every quip by other Big Ten members, Michigan just came back and popped them in the mouth, including Ohio State and Alabama to make it to Houston.

So when we look back on the 2023 season, sure it will be filled with controversy and folks will call for the title to be vacated. But for now, who cares? I promise you the Michigan fans around the country could care less.

After the season they just went through, sticking up for their Maze and Blue on every step of the way, nothing is sweeter than tonight.

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