Suns Land Hawks’ Saddiq Bey In Bold Trade Proposal

NBA Analysis

Some NBA teams have got room to improve. We might mean that in a couple of different ways. A team may have an incentive to improve, but no means. They’ve got room to improve, but at the same time, they don’t. 

That’s the dilemma that the Phoenix Suns find themselves in. This team has been dreadfully disappointing in 2023-24. The Suns have room to improve. 

Unfortunately, they don’t have much as far as assets go. The Suns won’t be able to broker any blockbuster deals. If they acquire a player, they’ll need to target buy-low opportunities. Players with pending contract negotiations might be options.

How about Saddiq Bey of the Atlanta Hawks? 

NBA Trade Proposal: Phoenix Suns Land Atlanta Hawks’ Saddiq Bey

Atlanta Hawks Receive: G/F Eric Gordon, F/C Bol Bol, 2028 Second-Round Pick (MEM via PHX), 2029 Second-Round Pick (MEM via PHX)

Phoenix Suns Receive: F Saddiq Bey 

In the NBA, the goal is always an improvement. The only question is the timeline. Are you trying to improve now, soon, or years down the line? 

The Suns have a clear timeline. They have from the moment that they acquired Kevin Durant. This team is trying to win now. Any move that Phoenix makes will be designed to try to improve their performance in 2023-24. This team isn’t thinking about the future past the end of this season. 

Meanwhile, Gordon has been complaining about his role recently. Bol doesn’t see the floor in Phoenix. The Suns shouldn’t hesitate to part with a pair of second-round picks to acquire Bey. After all, he ought to improve their team. 

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