Kerr emphatically defends city of SF amid national discourse

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There has been plenty of discussion surrounding the city of San Francisco and its national reputation this week.

In an exclusive interview with The Athletic’s Andrew Baggarly, former Giants catcher Buster Posey made waves earlier this week for his comments on MLB free agents’ — not his — possible perception of San Francisco and how that perception might hinder the organization’s ability to recruit players.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr joined 95.7 The Game’s “Willard and Dibs” on Friday, where he was asked about the perception surrounding San Francisco and if he and the Warriors have struggled to recruit players due to the city’s national reputation.

“It’s an interesting dynamic,” Kerr said. “What I’ve found, we haven’t really had anybody express that, but what I have heard from players is when they arrive is their wives, significant others are surprised at what a great place it is. I’ve heard that multiple times, like ‘Oh, this city is actually great, this is a great place to live.’ Things that we know, right?

“Those of us that live here understand this is a wonderful place to live. But the reputation and some of the political fallout of everything that we experience these days in America such that San Francisco is … you turn on ‘Fox News,’ it’s the center of armageddon. And we certainly have our problems like every other city does, but this is an incredible place to play and an incredible place to live and our players and their significant others express that all the time.

“It’s tough, it’s tough on the city that we have to deal with his reputation, but again, to me, it’s more just political B.S. than reality.”

Kerr joins a growing list of Bay Area sports figures, including Giants pitcher Logan Webb, to speak out against the narratives regarding San Francisco.

While the Warriors, unlike the Giants, have not had to attract many marquee free agents in recent years due to the dynastic core of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Kerr emphatically dispels the notion that San Francisco is a hindrance in recruiting and feels privileged to call the Bay Area home.

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